Tower Bridge Banner – September 2012

Tower Bridge Banner

Tower Bridge Banner

On September 1st, two activists abseiled into space from the gantry on Tower Bridge to unfurl and display a 20 metre banner above the symbol for the Paralympics. The banner read “CLIMATE CHANGE – OUR NEXT CHALLENGE”.

After about an hour hanging in space the two activists climbed back up their ropes, to be arrested along with a third activist.

The protestors released to the media an open letter to the global community that has gathered in London for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Here is an abridged version of it:

To the People of the World,

The 2012 Olympics were a huge inspiration as to how we can come together to overcome challenges and achieve success – at many levels: as participants, as spectators, as competitors, even as a host nation. No doubt the Paralympics will equal or surpass this.

But these Games can be an inspiration for us to confront the biggest challenge our species has ever faced – perhaps will ever face: the changing climate and the threat it poses to our civilisation’s very existence on this beautiful planet.

Climate change is happening now. Consensus amongst scientists is now overwhelming that human activity has destabilised the global climate to a degree that is already destroying lives and livelihoods around the world and if unchecked threatens catastrophe on an unimaginable scale.

The challenge we face is immense but we can learn from the contestants in this year’s Paralympic Games – above the symbol of which we have unfurled our banner – that with courage, perseverance and determination even the greatest challenges can be overcome – if only we have the will to do it.

Let us summon that will. Now is the time to heed the facts and warnings from respected scientists and to have the courage to take the necessary actions, collectively. Let us use the inspiration of the Olympics and Paralympics as a springboard for a transition to a secure and sustainable future.

With our fondest hopes for this imperilled world of ours,

Climate Siren
Read the full letter here.

Tower Bridge Wide View

Tower Bridge Wide View

More photos can be seen here


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