Buckingham Palace June 2012

Buckingham Palace, 23rd June 2012

This was the day after the end of the ‘Rio+20’ Earth Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20th-22nd June. See CLIMATE SIREN message about the Summit here.

Four activists climbed the gates to the courtyard in front of Buckingham Palace (where the changing of the guard takes place). One pair climbed the main central gate whilst the other pair climbed the smaller, left hand, gate.

Left Gate Banner

The pair on the lefthand gate displayed a banner saying “CLIMATE EMERGENCY 10% annual emissions cuts” whilst the pair on the central gate displayed a banner with a quote from Prince Charles (14th Feb 2008) which read “….the doomsday clock of climate change is ticking ever faster towards midnight. We are simply not reacting quickly enough..”
The activists, therefore, were demanding 10% annual emissions cuts (in the UK) and using Prince Charles’s own words to back up their demand. All four activists wore T-shirts with the message “CLIMATE EMERGENCY 10% annual emissions cuts”.

The activists hung from, and chained themselves to, railings at the top of the gates. They were there for about four hours before police used a cherry-picker to cut them down.

Meanwhile other activists, wearing the same t-shirts, appeared in front of the Buckingham Palace coutyard and displayed a 10+ metre banner with the words “CLIMATE EMERGENCY”. They also gave out stickers to the crowds of tourists and sightseers, with the 10% annual emissions cuts demand and the quote from Prince Charles, as well as a Letter to the Queen which was also used in the media release.

Doomsday Clock

One of the activists on the central gate used a megaphone to produce a siren-like noise. The megaphone was then used to explain that this was a ‘climate siren’ to warn about the ‘Climate Emergency’. The crowd was then addressed through the megaphone about the urgency of the climate threat, the need for 10% annual emissions cuts and the social justice dimension to the climate crisis.

Part of the banner with the quote from Prince Charles was torn down by a policeman but subsequently one of the acivists on the central gate displayed a small banner with the “CLIMATE EMERGENCY 10% annual cuts” message.

Buckingham Palace - Centre Gate



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