Climate Siren have already carried out two high profile actions to highlight the urgency of the the need for action on climate change, a banner drop at Tower Bridge in London and, earlier in the year, at Buckingham Palace.


We are calling for great efforts of civil disobedience in the UK. We demand concerted, meaningful and urgent action in the face of climate change. Join us. 
Read our full declaration here.

We are people who have understood the danger and urgency of climate change and are also prepared to do what is necessary to both raise awareness and to promote change in order to prevent runaway climate change. We are prepared to resort to civil disobedience and peaceful direct action if needs be.

Climate change is already happening, it is dangerous and presents a grave threat to our way of life and future survival. Although unstoppable, we still have time to prevent the worst effects.  It is already affecting us here in the UK, with drought at the start of 2012 followed by severe floods damaging hundreds of households. Over half of the USA is experiencing extreme or severe drought (read more) resulting in increasing food prices, whilst the arctic is experiencing the largest retreat of the ice cap ever seen (read more).

Whether or not you are prepared to take drastic action, everyone can play a part in what is needed. If you would like to get involved or just receive the occasional update on what we are planning, then please get in touch.

You can also find Climate Siren on Facebook and Twitter.



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